5 mistakes you will make when you smoke herb first time

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As a new comer to the world of weed, most of us will have following mistakes. So today you will find out this page to help you to avoid to have the same problem. If you don’t care, please forget what I have written. Because you will be more and more skillful after 100 times practice.
Forgetting To Cover The Carb/ Release The Carb
Something that every stoner forgets to do the first time they smoke is use the carb properly. Either they forget to cover it, forget to release it or both. This is perfectly understandable. While covering a carb might seem like the most natural feeling in the world, the first time you smoked a bowl it probably felt a little unnatural to you. You do learn pretty quickly how necessary using the carb is!
Messing Up The Rotation
In some circles, you must pass the pipe to the right. In others, passing to the left is the only way to go. To tell you the truth, none of this really matters to a lot of stoners. One thing that you have to watch out for, which everyone does the first time they smoke, is messing up the rotation. The first time you do it, your circle will be pretty forgiving, because after all, we’ve all done it. If you do it too often, then you may find that you’re invited into fewer circles.
Putting Their Lips AROUND The Bong
Are there seriously people who do still do this? Yes, there are; i just watched someone do it a couple weeks ago. I know, this isn’t a mistake that everyone makes the first time they smoke herb, but it happens enough to warrant inclusion. Why, why do people think this is the way to smoke from abong? It looks gross and ridiculous, like you’re trying to deep throat the bong. Lips go inside the bong..
Trying To Keep Up With The Seasoned Stoners In The Crowd
This is a mistake that everyone makes the first time they smoke. You take your first hit, you feel really baked, but everyone around you is still puffing like a pro. So, you probably feel pressure to keep up with the seasoned stoners in your circle. Now you’re way too baked and you might be feeling a little sick. When the pipe comes around to you, and you’re good and baked, all you need to say is, “I’m good.” No one will think any less of you.
Torching The Bowl
Everyone torches the bowl the first time they smoke weed. It’s hard not too, to be honest. For one, you haven’t got the trick to using the carb down yet, so you probably don’t feel like you’re getting a proper hit. Again, the first time, people will probably be cool with it; they may rip on you a bit. If you keep doing it, then people are going to stop offering you greens, and that would be a terrible thing.
But. Why I want to tell you this? It’s because I want to find a great way to get more relax in you 4:20 break time. If this is useful for you, pls give us a praise. 

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