New User Guide

Welcome to Miss.Q

Here are some top tips and quick video tutorials for an easy and enjoyable shopping experience

Introduction to Miss.Q

1. Creating Your Account

When registering, please make sure you’ve entered the right email address.

If you haven‘t received our confirmation email, please check your junk or spam folder first.

After registration, go to “My Account” to enter your shipping address. You can also enter your shipping address after you’ve placed your first order on the checkout page.

Our system currently only recognizes characters from the English alphabet. Special characters (like á, é, í, ó) should be written like this: a, e, i, o. For example, if your name is Anna López, please write it as: Anna Lopez.

2. Product Search

If you have any questions about the product, get in touch with the seller via chat or email.

3. Shopping Safely

4. Placing Your Order

5. At the Checkout

6. Tracking Your Order

7. Resolving Issues